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Create a Quilt

  • Choose  if you are designing quilt for an adult or a child

  • Lap quilt 48” X 58” approx. and should have a matching pillowcase to hold it in.

  • Quillow (Quilt that folds into a pillow) 48” X 64” approx.

  • The wheelchair/stroller /crib or lap quilt should have a pillowcase or coordinating bag with strap that the quilt can travel in for easy portability in a size appropriate to the quilt.

  • The quillow should have a strap on it so that it can be hooked over a shoulder or wheelchair.

  • The colors should be in shades, tints or tones of the following colors: green including one bright yellow/green, and other colors of your choice. Green is the color for Mitochondrial Disease (just like pink is for breast cancer). We would prefer if the quilt was predominantly green.

  • Quilt block sizes can be the appropriate size for your design layout; however, we would like the logo to be fairly large to have it be highly visible. 

  • The quilt should have at least one square that has the  the word “mito”, or other words such as “hope”, “cure”, “energy”, “awareness” a green ribbon (shaped like the pink one for cancer)

  • Letters for Pattern (1)

  • The logo can be created by the method of your choice, i.e. reverse appliqué, machine or needle turned appliqué, embroidery, please ensure any appliqué is stitched down well.

  • The quilt design can be totally your choice. Use your imagination!

  • The quilt will be subject to frequent washing so quilting must be done to allow this.

  • The quilts must be made with 100% cotton fabric (many patients are sensitive/allergic to polyesters)

  • All quilts MUST be labelled on the back with the following information, the name of the quilter (first name only if you prefer) or quilt organization donating the quilt, your location and the tag line “MitoCanada” if is a Canadian quilt and “MitoAction” if it is a US quilt as these two organizations are supporting the project.

  • We would love to see pictures or video while your quilt is under construction and completed, please feel free to email them to us at

Quilt Donations


  • For all quilters wishing to donate a quilt or if you have any questions, please contact the Project Coordinator, for information about on who the quilt is destined for; (infant, child, adult male or female), name of recipient and the mailing address of the recipient.

  • If you don’t have the ability to make a whole quilt you could also choose to donate, fabric, thread or batting, hours of sewing, cutting, piecing, providing completed 8.5” X 8.5” squares or a quilt top, quilting (long arm or by machine). You could team up with others who would be willing to help with making a quilt too. Make it a fun Quilting Bee event. If you do, we would love to hear about it and have you submit pictures or even a video.

Types of Quilts


Sample Crib Quilt Layouts using 8” X 8” blocks & 3″ side border on all 4 sides

Wheelchair, Stroller or Crib Quilt

30” x 54” Finished Size without Binding

8” x 8” Finished Block Size

Drawing Not to Scale

Sample Lap Quilt Layout using 8” X 8” blocks

  48” x 56” Finished Size without Binding

   8″ X 8″ Finished Block Size

Eva Mito Action_edited.jpg



(has one more row of blocks than Lap Quilt)

48” X 64”

Pillow Size 16” X16”


Complete design & construction of quillow top & pillow. Pillow should be made as a quilt sandwich and quilted prior to assembly. You have the choice of either quilting the pillow, then adding a binding or sewing around all sides leaving an opening for turning or then quilting it. Topstitch pillow into position on two sides only leaving an opening as indicated in the drawing. Construct handle and insert it between the pillow and quilt edge. Lay batting down, lay fabric 2 down right side up, next place the right side of fabric 1 against right side of fabric 2. Sew around the outside of the whole quillow, leaving one side open about 16” for turning. Ensure all edges are caught in seam. Quilt layers together by stitching on lines drawn in picture, do not catch pillow in the stitching.

Patchwork Design

Register to Make a Quilt

To register to make a quilt for a Mito patient, please email the following information to or use the form below:

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like, you can also include an image of the completed quilt for display on the website please email an image to

Thank you for your very generous donation of time and talent!

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